Going Beyond

CropData was formed primarily to help the small and marginal farmers and our entire business activities are socially driven, yet we have gone a few steps further by incorporating additional activities to enhance our impact on the ground.

CropData field technicians and scouts are trained to provide knowledge and assistance to farmers to avail of major Government (Central and State) benefits and schemes that the farmers and villagers are entitled to. They will explain, provide documents and videos to help the farmers understand the qualification, documents, fees, time, and process requirements. The field teams will perform the role of correspondents for the farmers and help them with the queries and paperwork. They will also monitor, report and log the activities of the farmers seeking government benefits to the respective government agencies and CropData’s division for Trust Services. It’s commonly accepted that these naive farmers miss out on or are cheated on several benefits that could transform their lives, had they received timely guidance.