KrishiCo platform manages third-party modules for banking, rating, credit, trade finance, insurance, packaging, logistics, warehousing, government relief etc.

  • Logistics: Warehousing, Packaging, Shipping, Clearing, etc.
  • Certification: Quality, Export, etc.
  • Credit: Farmer and Farm Rating, Trade Finance, Warehouse Receipt, etc.
  • Insurance: Trade Credit Insurance, Transit Insurance, etc.

Our Modules

Warehousing and Logistics

An integrated interface with various warehousing partners for seamless booking of space.

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Trade Finance

An integrated interface with various banking partners for seamless access to trade-finance, credit monitoring and settlement.

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An integrated interface with various insurance partners for seamless insurance and claim settlement.

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An integrated interface with various packaging partners for seamless processing of both standardised and non-standardised packaging products.

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Quality Certification

Unrivalled quality certification after thorough quality assessment, commodity profiling and customized inspection of commodities at independent testing labs. Thus, enabling the organization to ensure the best quality and minimize losses.

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Value Added Services

CropData provides essential value-added services through our partners for one-stop customer experience.

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